Women Monotype Operators, 1911.

Who said that women didn’t operate Monotype Typesetting Keyboards?
Admittedly it would have been hard to break down the male dominated areas of Typesetting.
But it did happen.
Here at the Riverside Press, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1911.
Riverside Press was a specialist publisher concentrating on printing quality Limited Editions of Classic texts and an enlightened employer saw the value of women typesetters.
Their motto was “Do it Well or not at All”. These ladies must have been good.
But the big question would have been, “How did their wages shape up with the men?”

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  1. Women did so much more. History is perhaps our biggest offender, where so many women hid behind men’s names for social acceptance, and then there were those that stood on their own name, but even them history forgot. Because behind the pen of most of history was after all a man! 🙂


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