Variegated Fairy-Wren.

Usually very skittish, this variegated fairy-wren (Malurus lamberti) stopped on a fallen log just long enough to have her picture taken in Oxley Creek Common, Queensland. Image Credit: Brodie James.
“I’m a 14 year old bird and photography enthusiast living in Brisbane.
This shot of a female variegated fairy-wren (Malurus lamberti) was taken at Oxley Creek Common at mid-morning.
I was following a group of wrens when this one flew to a fallen log close to me and faced the light, sitting for just long enough for me to get a photo.
Usually fairy-wrens are skittish until they realise you’re not a threat, and start to come closer like this one did,” says Brodie.
via Reader photo: variegated fairy-wren – Australian Geographic.

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