The Adana Hobby Printing Press.

The ‘Adana Agency’ was foun­ded in 1922 in Twick­en­ham by Don­ald Affleck Aspin­all.
Adana was dis­tin­guished by cater­ing for the hobby let­ter­press print­er, at a time when some sup­pli­ers did not approve of the hobby print­er.
The type founder Caslon stated that ‘We are not among those who are alarmed at the increase in ama­teur print­ing in this coun­try, though we will not encour­age it.’
The first offi­cial Adana machines were advert­ised in Novem­ber 1922 in the Exchange and Mart.
The machine was a devel­op­ment on the Par­lour Presses of the late Vic­tori­an peri­od, and retailed for 45/- (£2.25).
Over its life, Adana made dif­fer­ent types of machines — the unique flat­bed machines (like the Adana QH or Adana HQ); treadle and powered presses; and their fam­ous lever presses.
Adana also sup­plied spe­cial­ist show card presses (for dis­play boards); and sun­dries for the ama­teur print­er.
Adana cast its own type from 1925 and used four Mono­type Casters and two Super­type casters. Aspin­all, who had no form­al engin­eer­ing or busi­ness train­ing, has a num­ber of pat­ents, includ­ing one for Adana’s wire gauge pins.
As well as being used for hobby print­ers, Adana presses found their way into oth­er spheres — edu­ca­tion, occu­pa­tion­al health and light industry. A fleet of Adanas was used by the Leeds Per­man­ent Build­ing Soci­ety to over-print pass books.
Their most well-known machine is prob­ably the Adana Eight-Five.At its height, the firm had agents across the globe; and branch offices in Lon­don and Manchester.
In 1996, after chan­ging hands many times, Adana was absorbed into Caslon. That firm still sells some Adana sup­plies, but the last new machine was sold in 1999 by their agent in Japan.
Source: Adana – British Letterpress

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