The Flippers and Floppers of the Old Guv.

Flippin’ and Floppin’ were swear words used by our Salvation Army workmates.
The two main users of these weak as piss swear words were the late Bert Cotton and the late Ivan (Frecklehead) Merrett.
As well Allan (Porky) Dell, Trevor (Mr. Nice Guy) Roberts and Steve Jones (Monocaster) would also use these words freely when they had the shits on with the comps.
The big question is what word did flippin’ replace and what word was floppin’ replacing?
I often wondered what a Salvation Army service would be like if they all got angry or all holy and started calling each other flippin’ and floppin’ idiots.
Can’t you just imagine Ivan Merrett telling Bert, “I say Bert, you really are a big flippin’ dobber.”
Then Bert would reply, “Ivan, go and get flopped!”
I wonder if the Salvation Army still uses these words today?

The late warren pietsch

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  1. Grant H.

    Jimmy ‘the chippy’ might have been part of this brotherhood. Was there a Scottish Presbyterian / Salvo. movement??? I didn’t hear back from anyone on the Brighton train about his ‘FRIPPIN, this and that’ delivered at elevated decibels.Jock had a ‘not bad’ singing voice out in the Netley Store next to the Engineers shed. I remember offerings like; ‘…..Oh God our help in ages past’ when maybe he didn’t MEASURE TWICE and CUT ONCE’ . At least one of the KWR forme trolleys was utilised for moving large wooden panels and doors etc. around the place. caxton 1947


  2. Grant H.

    Just went back to look at pic. Kinda looks like ‘Butler and Blakey’ from ‘On the Buses’ in an unlikely tryste to’ take the munney to spend on BEER and run. caxton1947


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