John ‘Rags’ Elsdon.

27 November, 1946 – 28 April, 2019

John Elsdon (Junior) was born 27 November, 1946 in the Glenelg Hospital to parents Gladys May and John Henry Elsdon.
John joined his older sister Talee to make up the family.
John went to Brighton Primary School and did his secondary school training at Mitchell Park Boys Technical School (now known as Hamilton High).
In 1962 on his second ever trip to Adelaide from Glenelg  he started as a Hand and Machine Compositor at the Government Printing Office in King William Road.
His job interview was conducted by the Overseer Brian James who had played Australian Rules League Football with John Elsdon senior for the Glenelg Football Club.
In fact the two men had been in the 1934 Glenelg Premiership side with John senior playing in Ruck and Brian James as Full Back.
It was a feat that the Bays were not able to repeat again until 1973.
Meanwhile in 1964 our John Elsdon played in the Glenelg Senior Colts Premiership side. This was followed by a Seconds Premiership in 1967 with John playing Centre and wearing Peter Marker’s old Club number.
At the Guv he spent quite a time working with the ‘notorious’ Gazette staff.
It was here that John earnt his strange Nickname ‘Rags.’ When asked by a senior tradesman to pop down the street to get a box of  ‘Codis’ for pain relief, he came back with a box of ‘Modess’ a popular women’s sanitary napkin.
Hence the nickname Rags which stuck with him throughout his working life.
John was one of the main men in the Snake Gully Sluggers who were a group of  comps that in my early days I would struggle to avoid.
He was great mates with  the late Greg ‘Sluggo’ Novice and John McInerney.
In time we became great mates, so much so that he was my best man in 1983 and Godfather to my son Danny
John ‘Rags’ Elsdon you are a Legend by Rod Parham


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