Jane Bown’s Life in Photography 1925-2014

Her first commission for the Observer was a portrait of philosopher Bertrand Russell in 1949.
From then, Bown photographed the great and the good, the rich and the poor, the ordinary and extraordinary with a compassionate and gentle eye. Jane Bown died at age 89.
37bd1729-d6c4-4856-baee-b71778b4c160-1634x2040Bertrand Russell, 1949 Jane received the details of her first commission for the Observer via telegram. She was to photograph Russell at breakfast with his new wife, Dora. Jane later recalled she was ‘terrified, absolutely terrified’
5dcb15c6-add8-437b-9477-d9fdc74d1027-2060x1341Postman and postwoman having a picnic, 1966 This was one of Jane’s favourite photos
b288464f-c54f-47eb-b1f8-53ffeebc5689-2060x2060Bob Hope and Anita Ekberg at Pinewood studios, 1962
See more Images via Jane Bown: a life in photography – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian.

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