Ice Caves Lit Up Like a Piece of Amber.

Iceland Ice Caves by Sarah Bethea
Photographer Sarah Bethea‘s love for nature and adventure started at a young age.
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she would spend weekends skiing at Mt. Hood with her family.
Over time, she also grew to love photography and has combined both passions, in an effort to send a message about the fragility of our planet. This has led her to travel far and wide, but nothing has attracted her more than the arctic climate of Iceland.
While there, she spent time in incredible ice caves located on the southern coast and came home with some inspiring imagery.
Iceland’s glacier ice caves are formed within blocks of ice and are visitable during the winter season. Bethea made two journeys to visit them, with decidedly different experiences.
As the ice caves are fairly accessible by car and require just a half hour of walking on the glacier to arrive, they are a popular tourist attraction.
Bethea got lucky on her first trip. It was December and she had the caves all to herself.
She took advantage of the situation and the lighting produced at that time of the year to take one of her most memorable photographs.
“Although it was mid-day, it was December and the days were short and the sun stayed low on the horizon,” Bethea shares with My Modern Met. “For five minutes or so, the sun lined up just right with the cave entrance, and the ice was lit up to look like amber.”The striking image of er model reaching out and touching the amber-tinted ice is a revelation.
via Guardian UK

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