Images of Creatures Gathering.

Whether animals choose to stay in herds before they migrate or because they always travel together in packs, it’s always amazing to see hundreds if not thousands of animals all together at once.
This past year, we saw a record 35,000 walruses gathered on a beach near the village of Point Lay in northwest Alaska, a result of climate change, because they weren’t able to find sea ice to rest upon.
In contrast, there are surreal scenes like Eiko Jones’ photo of thousands of tadpoles swimming amongst lilies in a local swamp and Annie Griffiths’ beautifully serene image of white pelicans drifting down a sinuous river.
We begin, however, with Frans Lanting’s incredible shot of King Penguins, as far as the eye can see.
It was taken on South Georgia Island, a British overseas territory.
 Fish, Mexico – Photo by Octavio Aburto
 Zebras, Serengetti, Africa – Photo by Giulio Zanni
Crocodiles, Brazil – Photo by Court Leve
See more Images via 15 Incredible Photos of Animals Gathering – My Modern Met.

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