Derwombat’s Blog – 12 April 2019.

The Toff swore blind that David ‘Gunna’ Copley would not show up to last week’s Old Guv Luncheon.
But David did show, bless him. Which meant that I won 5 cents from Mr Tightarse.
A Great Bloke is Alex Riley, aka The Toff. But, Why is he called the Toff?
Born into wealth he was head bastard at his school. When he started at the Old Guv in 1960 he refused to sweep the footpaths outside the office lest someone might think he was a shit boy. He abused a beloved Government Printer Les Hawes.
He ended up planner in charge and some say he was a good boss.
But Kevin Stone who has known Alex for over 50 years was insulted by the Toff a few years back when he looked at Kevin and then uttered these words ‘Who are You/’.
At the Luncheon we also welcomed Helen Dobie and David Matthews along with Darryl Stone and his wife Claire.
Light clown humour was provided by our very own version of Laurel and Hardy (Wayne Brown and his prodigal son Peter Meghery).
On the Sick List we have Vic Potticary, Ian Grunert, Hector Korsten, Elaine Fitzsimmons, Bruce Lockier, please remember them in your thoughts.
Workmates who have passed: Jyll Watson, Bindery, Bert Cotton, Courier, Barry James, Photomechanical.

Regards Derwombat

3 thoughts on “Derwombat’s Blog – 12 April 2019.

  1. Sounds like yet another great lunch Rod. And so good to hear that David went along. My timing was out by one week, due to other commitments here in Canberra, but it was great to catch up with you the week before. Next time hey?! Then Mr Riley might ask me again, ‘Who are you?’ like he did before!

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    • Thanks Kevin,
      Copley was good and made Alex look like the dickhead he is. I have now won 10 cents from Riley over the past 4 years. What a tightarse! “Who are You.”



  2. Sorry Rod that I didn’t catch up with at Barry’s Funeral. he stopped going to the Luncheons because every time he went someone else would have ‘fallen of their perch’ Actually I think he only went to one or two, and that’s one why his Dad stopped going to luncheons as well.


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