Polar Bears of Svalbard.

Rising temperatures and increasing ice melt are transforming the island’s of Svalbard in Norway’s high arctic.
The WWF-Canon and Norwegian Polar Institute Arctic research expedition 2014 looks at how the polar bear population is adapting to the effects of climate change.
One of the big threats for polar bears today is the effect of climate changePolar bears don’t live in the centre of the Arctic, by the North Pole; they live along the edges of the ice, where they can find seals.
They depend on sea ice, on which they can hunt seals, rest and breed. Due to the warming climate, summer ice continues to decrease and is also melting for a longer period, preventing polar bears from going out to get food.
They must swim or walk longer distances to keep track with the shrinking ice.
Photograph: Brutus Östling/WWF-Canon
 Glacier ice differs from the sea ice as it is old ice. Glaciers consist of layers and layers of snow that has fallen over thousands of years. Just like sea ice, glaciers are melting during Summer.
But while sea ice usually disappears completely around Svalbard, the glaciers tend to melt just a little bit; however, today some glaciers are decreasing very rapidly due the climate change.
Photograph: Brutus Östling/WWF-Canon
 The researchers not only earmark, but also weigh the bears, if possible
This female, weighing only 90kg, had lain down gently with her head on her arm and seemed to sleep very calmly after being tranquilised to enable the researchers to approach her. Photograph: Brutus Östling/WWF-Canon
Read the full article via Svalbard’s polar bears and the effects of climate change – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian.

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