Gabriele Viertel’s Underwater Portraits.

GabrieleViertel3German-born, Netherlands-based photographer Gabriele Viertel captures striking portraits of ethereal women drifting gracefully underwater.
The self-taught photographer, who has immersed herself in her craft since 2011, has been featured in numerous publications like Vogue Italia for her gorgeous work, which often borders on the surreal through elements like eerie reflections and ripples that distort the bodies of the models.
GabrieleViertel1Pale and elegant, Viertel’s female subjects cast an otherworldly glow against the backdrop of a dark, watery abyss.
With their long, flowing locks and delicate gowns that billow fluidly around them, they take on the appearance of seductive spirits and enchanting nymphs risen from the depths of the sea like in a beautiful dream.
See more Images via Enchantingly Ethereal Underwater Portraits by Gabriele Viertel – My Modern Met.

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