Printing WWII Food Ration Books at the Old Guv.

Two supervisors (unknown) checking the ration book printed sheets as they come off the press.
One of the South Australian Government Printing Office’s main functions during the Second World War (1939-1945) was to provide security and support for all aspects of the Australian war effort.
This included printing the Food Ration Books for the civilian public which as you can imagine were tightly controlled by the South Australian State Government.

9 thoughts on “Printing WWII Food Ration Books at the Old Guv.

  1. Welcome, Zelda and g’day, derwombat (aka Rod):
    I still have my ration book from the Old Dart, circa early 1950s, believe it or not – when I was just a boy!
    I’m not much of a chucker-outer, Rod, as you know.
    You could say I was a bit of a bower-bird.

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  2. You and Bob Downs,
    I think we should have a playoff at one of our Luncheons where you and Bob can demonstrate just who is the biggest bower bird. My money is on Bob…


  3. Does he have his daily diary for the five weeks of assisted passage from when he travelled from the Old Dart to here? – I do!
    Does he have his allotted personal teacup from the migrant hostel on his arrival in Oz? – I do!
    Does he have a Hollies and Johnny Farnham concert ticket – which cost the princely sum of 2/- (20 cents) back in February 1970? – I do!
    Does he have the original Beatles concert program from 14 June 1964 in Sydney? – I do!
    Does he have the official Government Printing Division brochure from March 1974 from Netley? – I do!
    Show us what ya got, BobDownAndKissMyA . . . e!

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  4. Dear Biro,
    This is beautiful, if only you had been at the last Luncheon. I want this Challenge, but then you wouldn’t show up would you?


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