Italian Fashion in the 1950s & 1960s.

Leombruno-Bodi (1)Leombruno-Bodi is the name that identifies Joseph Leombruno and Jack Bodi, who were both American photographers active in Italy beginning in the mid 1950s.
Leombruno-Bodi (8)
Partners in life as well as in work, Leombruno and Bodi began collaborating in the 1940s.
In 1956 they moved to Rome where they associated with the American community that in those years were an integral part of the “dolce vita” lifestyle.
Leombruno-Bodi (20)
In the early 1960s they began designing fashion, conceiving the knitwear line ‘Micia’, which is ‘Little Cat’ as Bodi told an American journalist during in interview in 1964.
Leombruno-Bodi (2)
Bodi was the designer whereas Leombruno saw to promoting their creations for the foreign market.
In January 1964 Micia was presented for the first time to the public Palazzo Pitti during the Florentine fashion shows.
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