Jobs Gone Forever. Maybe?





At the top we’ve got the knocker upper who used to bash on your window to wake you from your wonderful night’s sleep.
This was a great idea, good for you because it got you to work on time and good because someone was employed to do it.
A job gone for all time. Yes, I think so.
The poor old milkman’s demise was painful, slow and took many years to happen. Driving around in a horse drawn milk cart and pouring the milk into a billy disappeared first.
That was replaced by glass bottles with foil tops for many years and now we have milk in cartons and plastic from huge supermarkets.
A job gone forever, not so sure.
The bowling pin boys, I can barely remember them and I’m sure they were underpaid and put at risk from time to time.
By the way who did  it while they were at school?
Please don’t come back!
As for the rat catchers, don’t ever write them off, they may well become the food suppliers of the future!

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