Early days at the Netley Complex.


Since our arrival at the Netley complex on 2nd January, 1974, members of the Machine room have grown used to change.
From that first day of seeing all the machines set out in organised rows, there has been constant change of machines being moved here, there and everywhere.
Two events in recent times have caused me to look back into the past and to write about change.
One was the visit of the retired people on 7th June,. It was good to see the faces of so many people who have retired since the arrival at Netley. I counted 22 in their category, and seeing them in the building again gave a strange feeling of being “Home Again”.
The other event was to see a list of names of workers who have earned their 20 year badge and were connected with the Machine room at the time of arrival at Netley.
Postscript: Since the article was first written the following Machine Room staff have passed on:
Barry Cagney, John Dawe, Jim Fisher, Lawrie Hussin, Bob Virgin, Jan Keizer, Norm Fellows, Norm Hodson, Kurt Peiker, Laurie Blackwell and Colin Goodfellow.
Ray Belt

2 thoughts on “Early days at the Netley Complex.

  1. There is no way that this photo represents the
    Netley Machine Room in 1983. The photo was taken between January and /march 1974 because the photo was printed in the Official Opening booklet of March 1974. I was on Heidelberg 5 (second from left) with John Creswell ( Centre foreground). John was not employed there after mid 1974 (nervous breakdown) and I moved on to Coffey Printing Service at Stirling about the same time..


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