Frozen Trees in the Ural Mountains.

aa9a37248427e280bbd2dcb299440bcf6dc7028f_660Russian nature photographer Sergey Makurin has captured these breathtaking photographs of frozen trees in a remote part of Western Russia where the temperature can drop to a chilling -35C.
The stunning shots were taken in the Ural Mountains where Sergey trekked through sub-zero weather to access an area which is extremely isolated with very few human inhabitants for miles around.
Often taken at sunset, the images of bent trees encased in snow and ice make unworldly figures in the beautiful wintry landscape.
See more Images via Frozen trees make a breathtaking picture in sub-zero weather | Creative Boom.

2 thoughts on “Frozen Trees in the Ural Mountains.

  1. Hi Rod…I have actually seen something very similar when I was in USSR back in 86. was so cold at around 20c below and the scenery was white and grey.
    It was very eery but the amazing thing was that people were still working out in this weather ….they are a tough lot those comrades.


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