Man & wild Kangaroo take in the sunrise.


Image credit: Daniel Battley
I took this shot while on a short break with my family at Cape Hillsborough National Park, just north of Mackay.
I’ve been visiting this national park since I was a kid so I knew that the local wild kangaroos venture down to the beach of a morning. I
wanted my own kids to witness the daily roo routine so we got up and headed down to the sand as the sun was rising.
This shot just happened in front of me. I didn’t think about it or plan it.
Just prior to me capturing this snap, a fisherman motored past in his boat and the tourist and the kangaroo pictured looked towards the noise breaking the silence of the morning.
I noticed the two of them standing there so stoic but, in the moment,
I didn’t think the shot was particularly special because this is just what happens at Cape Hillsborough.
It wasn’t until later while reviewing my shots that I thought I had captured a little bit of magic.
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