Revolutionary Art, Los Angeles.

Athens-Greece-STMTS-777x1024The street art world is not what it used to be a few decades ago.
The negative assumption that all people who spray paint on public spaces are vandals has been quickly shifting with society’s rise in acceptance and interest in the modern art medium.
Looking at street art can create an unsuspecting change in people’s day-to-day lives.
It sparks inspiration and mental stimulation.
A metropolis city is an urban playground for fans of street art. It can be seen out in the open where there is heavy foot traffic, or it can be discovered in a small alley way.
Although the term is often associated with graffiti, some artists make sculptures, “yarn bomb,” and utilize the objects around them in order for their work to come to life and become three-dimensional.
The tagline of the street art collection website, Street Art Utopia says it all: “We declare the world as our canvas.”
Sam3, a French artist featured in the above slideshow, tells that “Our society desperately needs new ways to face the dark and difficult future. Art is the best way to reveal the hidden realities on [sic] today’s way of life”.
via Street Art: Why its the Most Revolutionary Art Form Today | LA Street Art Gallery.

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