The Back Alleys of Tokyo.

Masashi-Wakui-17Japanese photographer Masashi Wakui has a great eye in terms of picking out everyday scenes that are rich in details and conveys something about daily life in Japan.
He takes photos of Tokyo’s back alleys at night and manipulates them by boosting the colors and playing with hazes that adds depth to the images.
Though artificial, the photos have a certain mood that seems familiar.
It sort of reminds me of Blade Runner, with some scenes shot in rain-soaked alleys glimmering with neon lights.
What makes Wakui’s photos attractive is that you can get lost in them by imagining yourself wandering these alleys alone with your thoughts.
See more of Masashi Wakui’s work on Flickr.
Source: Photos of Tokyo Back Alleys by Masashi Wakui | Faith is Torment | Art and Design Blog

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