Drummer Boy, O.T. & Nobby.

Each week the superintendent Merv “Nobby” Clark would walk up and down the Jobbing room asking everyone if they wanted to work Overtime (Tuesdays and Thursdays).
After months of David Copley, (the Drummer Boy) always saying, “No, Thanks, Mr. Clark”, Merv stopped asking him.
Copley went to the “Clicker” Fred Hardwicke and said to Fred, “Merv Clark doesn’t ask me if I want to work overtime any more”.
Freddy went and saw “Nobby” about the problem.
Merv went straight down to big headed Copley and asked him if he wanted to work overtime on that Tuesday and Thursday
“NO THANKS”, was the reply.
Well! Poor old Merv went off like a Penny Bunger and stormed back into his Office, all red faced and shaking.
Fred Hardwicke wasn’t too happy either. –

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