‘The Owls are Back’.


Austin Thomas    http://goo.gl/iSKeF6
Owls are absolutely stunning creatures – their deep and piercing eyes and haunting hoots are the stuff of myths and folktales.
Perhaps that’s why we love these beautiful owl photos so much!
Paul Bannick     http://goo.gl/2jHw2i
Since ancient times, owls have captured the imaginations of various cultures as harbingers of death, doom, bad omens, or wisdom.
For rodents, some of these portents are true – owls are excellent and highly adapted hunters with excellent hearing, sharp night-time vision, silent wings and deadly talons.
They rarely miss their mark.
imgur.com   http://goo.gl/3Ywv4K
If you have any beautiful owl photos, we’d love it if you added them to this list and voted for your favorites as well!
bing photos   http://bingfotos.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/little-owls-roost-in-extremadura-spain.html
See more Images via 25+ Majestic Owls Caught On Camera | Bored Panda.

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