Shankar Market Street.

15051142591_65dc2a01b9_cShankar Market smiles again with Street Art: Reviving Connaaught Place
Till the 1990s Connaught Place was a dream market, you moved around in circles, window-shopping and sometimes buying, drinking milk at Keventer’s, enjoying your stuffed Patties and Pastries at Wenger’s and strolling through the shaded corridors, checking the graffiti made by pan stains ( beetle leaves) on the corners.
When you got tired you just lazily sat down on one of the low barriers made from pipes that were not painful for your posterior.
Alas like all good things those days came to an end. Parking was a nightmare, buses leading to CP were overcrowded with Pickpockets, every corner a pimp tried to peddle something illegal to you. CP died a hundred deaths as swanky Air conditioned malls raised their ugly heads from Gurgaon to Gaziabad.
But malls turned out to be post monsoon mushrooms quick to sprout, good to look but also good for nothing except to spend time when you faced a power cut.
As the malls slowly lost their uniqueness and freshness people of Delhi were missing the leisurely stroll in Connaught Place where you could buy a burger from D’ Pauls without burning a hole in your pocket, or you could indulge in the finest of dining depending on the money in wallet and time at hand.
via Shankar Market Street Art Project: Connaught Place New Delhi.

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