Animals & Owl Portraits by Tim Flach.

Tim Flach, the renowned United Kingdom photographer, is exhibiting a series of animal portraits at the Retina Scottish International Photography Festival, Edinburgh.
His work, which often examines the anthropomorphism of creatures in an abstract way, is often on display.
A snow white Bengal tiger. Shot against a black background, the animal’s gaze penetrates through you, compelling you to stare back.
Grace, a great grey owl
0A group portrait of Siberian huskies.
1024Ya Yun, meaning elegant, is a giant panda from the Chengdu panda research base in western China. The centre has successfully bred 120 giant pandas from just six that were rescued in 1987
See more Images via Tim Flach’s fine animal portraiture – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian.

7 thoughts on “Animals & Owl Portraits by Tim Flach.

  1. Amazing as all the others. As someone who also loves taking animal portraits, can’t stop thinking whether it was shot in a studio or in their natural habitat and then photoshopped to a neutral background. Either way…simply fascinating.

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