Fred Levy’s Black Dogs Project.

Fred Levy first heard about ‘black dog syndrome’” in 2013 in a conversation at a dog park.
It’ is a disputed theory that states that black dogs are last to get adopted at shelters, perhaps because of superstition or a perception that they a’re aggressive.
Max A 7-year-old black labrador that was surrendered to a local shelter to be euthanised. The shelter refused to put him down and reached out to Hounds Town USA and trainer Michael Gould, who worked to rehabilitate and train him
The idea inspired Levy’s Black Dogs Project. The dogs Levy photographed came from owners he recruited through his Facebook page.
He had also started working with abandoned dogs referred to him by shelters – sharing their photos online in search of permanent homes.
Kenai ‘One of my first black dogs for the project. She is a beautiful German Shepherd. I’m very happy to find out that she is expecting puppies soon. She’s a beautiful dog who is very attached to the son of the owner.
I find that GSD’s can be wonderful companions to the children (of all ages) of the family. I’m looking forward to seeing the puppies’
They are difficult to photograph well. A book of the project is due out soon.
1200Bing ‘What a great dog. You’re going to love Bing’s story. He found his perfect home and has made a great life for him and his family’
See more Images via Black Dogs Project: helping darker canines find a home – in pictures | Life and style | The Guardian.

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    1. Biddy and Mitzie. Biddy’s a Collie Crossed with a Corgie (long legs and sometimes stubborn) and Mitzie is a Jack Russell crossed with a Daschund (a thoughtful dog, delightful, does like to tell you what to do, though).

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