The Streets of Greece, Romania and Germany.

Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece
by Lina D.
The Japanese observe the spring blossoms as a part of hanami – the appreciation of the transient beauty – but you don‘t need a deep, philosophical meaning to enjoy a leisurely stroll down these picturesque streets.
And for those of us still in the icy grip of winter, they‘re a nice reminder of the coming spring.
Walking down such a street can be mesmerizing, but there are practical advantages, too.
tunel-pastel__700Tunnel Of Love, Romania, Caras-severin
Bonn, Germany
Apparently, tree-lined streets help with all sorts of heat-related urban problems, increase evapotranspiration (evaporation and transpiration from the Earth’s surface) and encourage walking and cycling.
See more Images via 15+ Of The World’s Most Magical Streets Shaded By Flowers And Trees | Bored Panda.

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