Shelf Cloud over Darwin.

Shelf-Cloud-over-DarwinShelf cloud over Darwin. (Credit: Nolan Caldwell)
A shelf cloud over Darwin is this week’s AG Flickr shot from contributor Nolan Caldwell. “Each evening my wife and I head to a spot around Darwin for sundown and a refreshing beverage,” Nolan says.
“The location is usually determined by the tide and what’s going on with the weather.
This night there was a small weather cell that came out of nowhere and had a lot of potential.
Quickly this shelf cloud formed and came across Fannie Bay towards us.
As I took this shot, a couple said to me they hoped that the camera was waterproof, and I replied that it wasn’t but I could run fast.
Well, I needed to as we got absolutely got drenched by this storm: even nuts from the casuarina trees hit the car like hail. It was very intense.
Source: AG Flickr photo of the week: shelf cloud – Australian Geographic

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