Graffiti in Seoul, South Korea.

IMG_3261Emerging from the diverse settings that can be found in Seoul are new forms of street art also known as graffiti. Unlike traditional graffiti, these pictures are quite dazzling.
While skyscrapers and apartment complexes overshadow the horizon in Seoul, young artists have found homes among the concrete walls, that have allowed them to express their inner thoughts.
Specific districts have now been set up, where people are welcome to paint their graffiti on the wall.
Graffiti was a serious crime in the past, but authorities now have a new outlook on the art form. Projects such as the Naksan Art Project and the Seoul Urban Art Project have helped shape the resentment that residents had towards street artists in the past.
Policy makers have adjusted their conservative views to allow graffiti to be an accepted form of expression upon the city.
This has constructed a city full of beautiful images upon every turn.
The residents who once hated the artwork, now welcome it as they see the benefits that it brings such as huge revenues from tourism.

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  1. wow, i love the fish on the steps, massive fan of graffiti 🙂

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