Massive Iceberg theatens village.

Scientists say, the iceberg is unstable, and could be a threat to the village nearby.
Image Credit: Karl Petersen/AFP/Getty Images
The photograph is a tunning: a giant mountain of ice towers over a tiny village, with colorful homes reminiscent of little doll houses against the stark, blue-gray landscape.
But for the people living in those houses – that beauty could be life-threatening.”It’s kind of like, if you lived in the suburbs, and you woke up one morning and looked out, and there was a skyscraper next to your house,” says David Holland, an oceanographer at New York University who does research in Greenland during the summer months.
“I’d be the first to get out of there.”He says that’s why authorities have taken action to evacuate those living closest to the water from the village of Innaarsuit, where the iceberg has parked itself just off the coast.
According to the BBC, the village has just 169 residents.”In these shallow bays, these icebergs may drift in and become stuck, grounded on the sea floor,” Holland says. “So that’s what happened to one of these bergs.”Holland says it can be quite alarming for residents.
“These are small villages with little houses located right at the shoreline, and all of a sudden icebergs show up, and they look like New York skyscrapers, they’re just towering,” he says. “They’re very unstable, and they can break up.”
Source: Massive Iceberg Looms Over A Village In Greenland : NPR

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