Lines and Curves, Bundajarraga.

103245By MediaWatcher · · From Snapped: Lines and curves
Last year in December I shot a time lapse looking across a freshly ploughed field toward (Walshs Pyramid, Cairns; but I prefer the aboriginal place name) ‘Bundadjarruga’.
During the hour and half my camera snapped 734 images that saw the stars circle around the iconic Bundadjarruga.
At the time I thought this 30 second film clip was a good learning exercise in film making but definitely not worthy of any further attention.
I had planned on revisiting this locality at a later date to do another shoot and include some foreground composition.
So I parked my 734 images on a separate hard drive and forgot about them.
However a newly discovered interest in star trails prompted me to resurrect this sequence that recorded the rotation of the earth and produce what I consider to be a far more dynamic image.
Cairns QLD 4870
via ABC OPEN: Lines and Curves || From Project: Snapped: Lines and curves.

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