Infrared Landscape of Iceland.

AndyLee1Created by Photographer Andy Lee.
Blue Iceland is a captivating series filled with dark skies and moody atmospheres across the stunning landscape of Iceland.
Created by UK-based photographer Andy Lee, the series is a unique presentation of a place that is typically represented as vibrant green rolling hills and the crystal spring waters of the Blue Lagoon.
To record each mysterious scene, Lee waits with great patience to identify the perfect moment and then captures the wonders of nature through his infrared lens.
The compositions are filled with the intense contrast of dark shadows and bright sunlight radiating across the tips of mountaintops and through the clouds.
Lee’s creative perspective transforms an otherwise bright and sunny place into a dramatic and intriguing world filled with artificial colors.
Each location is eerily void of people, which adds to the sensation of enchanting intrigue throughout the land.
READ ON via Dramatic Landscapes of Iceland through an Infrared Lens – My Modern Metropolis.

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