Into the Wild Alone by Roemmelt.

Into the Wild – The self-portraits of a photographer facing the immensity of nature The beautiful images of the photographer Nicholas Roemmelt, who creates his self-portraits facing the immensity of nature, featuring himself alone in gigantic and fascinating landscapes. These images allow you to visualise better the enormity and vast size of the landscapes pictured. […]

‘Wonderland’ by Kirsty Mitchell.

The Ghost Swift   All photographs Kirsty Mitchell Photographer Kirsty Mitchell has spent five years dreaming up fantastical scenes that look straight out of fairytales for her project Wonderland. Here are the most magical, from an origami armada to a cloak of autumn leaves. Gammelyn’s Daughter Spirited Away See more terrific photos via Queen of the […]

Say hello to the Goliath birdeater spider.

Photo: Brian Gratwicke/Flicker CC Despite its name, this enormous spider is a gentle giant of sorts. The Goliath birdeater spider (Theraphosa blondi) can have a leg span of 11 inches. Only the giant huntsman spider has a longer leg span. But T. blondi beats out every other spider for mass, weighing up to 6 ounces. […]

‘Mammatus Clouds at Sunset’, Montana.

Image Credit: Photograph: “Mammatus Evening Glacier” by Harry Lichtman. Location: Glacier National Park, Montana. “One of the memorable sunsets along the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake reflecting the orange glow of mammatus clouds at sunset,” explains Lichtman. “I used this composition several times under very different lighting combinations. A thunderstorm had passed earlier and the streaking […]

Rainy Australian Cityscapes by Mike Barr.

Australian painter Mike Barr focuses his work almost exclusively on rainy cityscapes, the moments of hazy gray that become illuminated by a city’s cars and traffic lights. There is a unity found in these dreary urban landscapes, a similarity of imagery which it makes it difficult to pinpoint which city is being captured. The city […]

Fireworks over Atlético Mineiro.

There was a firework display above the Estádio Independência in Belo Horizonte, Brazil to entertain fans before the Copa Libertadores match between Atlético Mineiro and Internacional. Leonardo Silva equalised in the last minute of the game to grab a 2-2 draw for the home side. The firework display before the match between Atlético Mineiro and […]

Revolutionary Art, Los Angeles.

The street art world is not what it used to be a few decades ago. The negative assumption that all people who spray paint on public spaces are vandals has been quickly shifting with society’s rise in acceptance and interest in the modern art medium. Looking at street art can create an unsuspecting change in […]

Secret Skies and Starry Nights.

With the rise of urbanization, an estimated 80% of the world population has never seen the Milky Way – and while rural dwellers see thousands of stars on a typical night, those in cities typically see a few dozen at best. via Secret Skies: See Starry Nights Normally Hidden by City Lights | Urbanist.

Snowy’s Departure, Quebec.

A male snowy owl on a cold winter afternoon kicking up some snow as he takes off Photographer: Jose Albero Terrebonne, Canadian Member since 2014. Awards Photo of the Day: Copyright: © Jose Albero. All rights reserved. Image Source: digitalDate. Photo Location: Quebec, Canada Source: Snowy Departure | Smithsonian Photo Contest | Smithsonian

Photography by Selina Mayer.

Selina Mayer is a British visual artist and photographer who lives in London, United Kingdom. She studied Fine Art at Central St Martins School of Art and Design, graduating in 2010. At present, the primary focus of her practice is on figurative and portrait photography, specialising in using traditional analogue techniques. She lives in a […]