Sub-Zero Surfer, Jenness Beach.

Image Credit: Photograph by Gary Sherman.
New Hampshire winters are cold and snowy.
But with this sudden extreme cold comes the opportunity to photograph “sea smoke” along the coast.
Sea smoke is water vapor that forms when extremely cold air moves over warmer water and the thin boundary layer of warm air just above the surface. As the evaporating water rises, it condenses into a fog or sea smoke.
Having some luck photographing sea smoke in Rye Harbor the previous week, I woke up early on a Sunday morning and drove out to the coast to photograph the sunrise coming up over Whaleback Lighthouse in New Castle.
Unfortunately, the sunrise was a disappointment as clouds covered the horizon, and because the ocean temperature had dropped, there was no sea smoke.
Rather than just head home, I decided to drive down Route 1A South along the coast to see if I could find something to photograph.
As I drove by Jenness Beach in Rye, I was surprised to see about a half-dozen people clad in full dry suits surfing some pretty nice waves.
Source: Sub-Zero Surfer – Outdoor Photographer

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