The Pied Monarch of the Forest.

Image Credit: Photograph by Danny McCreadie
Monarch of the Forest, A brush with royalty on the edge of a rainforest.
The latest Australian Geographic Flickr group photo of the week.
Congratulations to this week’s AG Flickr group member Danny McCreadie, for his image ‘Monarch of the Forest’
“We were staying in a holiday cottage in the rainforest at Lake Eacham in Queensland. On the very first morning I went out early to explore the rainforest. I heard the song of a bird I did not recognise, and after some stalking I was rewarded with this delightful Pied Monarch (Arses kaupi).
It seemed to be as interested in me as I was in it but it soon vanished back into the rainforest,” says Danny.
“The lack of light under the thick canopy of a rainforest can be challenging for wildlife photographers. I have found exploring the edge of a rainforest, along a wide track or road can bring you into contact with wildlife and still have reasonable conditions in which to take photographs.
This was the case that first morning, a great start to a holiday.”
Danny McCreadie is amateur wildlife photographer from Adelaide. Danny has been a finalist in the Australian Geographic ANZANG Wildlife Photographer of the year on three occasions.
Source: Pied Monarch – Australian Geographic

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