Delivering the Milk, 9 October, 1940.

Image Credit: Photograph by Fred Morley/Getty Images
As photography had become part of people’s daily lives during the inter-war period, numerous iconic images were taken of the Second World War, creating an album of hope and horror, of atrocities and valor.
The one that perhaps represented the fighting spirit of well-mannered Great Britain most clearly was the famous picture taken by a photographer called Fred Morley on 9 October, 1940, depicting a milkman going about with his daily business amidst the rubble in London, after a street had been devastated during a German bombing raid.
Firemen are dampening down the ruins behind him.
The raid that took place that night was the 32nd in a row, the United Kingdom being mercilessly bombed night after night.
Source: vintage everyday: 1940s

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