In 1941, Greta Garbo just walked away.


Greta Garbo, Swedish born American Actress –  1905 to 1990.

Nearly 75 years after she turned her back on the movie industry that made her a superstar, she’s still the pin up girl for premature retirement.
Greta Garbo with Melvyn Douglas in “Two Faced Woman” (1941).
Wanting to be alone was a running theme through her films, so it made sense that, after doing Two-Faced Woman (1941), Garbo walked away from show business.

Later in life, she insisted she never actually said “I want to be alone” in regards to her private life: “
I only said, ‘I want to be left alone’. “There is a world of difference.”
via Time Out: 10 Artists Who Walked Away Pictures – Greta Garbo | Rolling Stone.

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