Fishermen closing the net in Fujian Province.

Catching the winning image …
Fishermen close the net in the Fujian province of China.
This drone photograph was the grand prize winner in the Drone Photography competition.
Image Credit: Photograph by Ge Zheng/Ge Zheng/SkyPixel
Source: The world’s best drone photography – in pictures | Travel | The Guardian

2 thoughts on “Fishermen closing the net in Fujian Province.

  1. HAVE A NICE WEEK!!!!!

    The lads, Sid, Fred, Frank and Len,
    Are four dedicated fishermen,
    Telling stories of their latest bite,
    They’d sometimes talk right through the night,
    About the ‘big one’ that got away,
    Which was to everybody’s great dismay.
    These gentlemen, would then debate,
    About different hooks and various bait.

    They’d talk of hours spent on sandbanks,
    How the lastest catch, had been or course, Frank’s,
    Searching for cod, sea bass and salmon,
    Whilst eating sandwiches filled with gammon,
    And drinking cups of tomato soup,
    They’d sit there with a ‘shoulder’ stoop,
    And contemplating about the weather,
    Their spirits would feel as light as a feather.

    The day could be long, but there was always the sun,
    And peace and quiet, when ‘all’s said and done’,
    Along with a container of cockles and shrimps, they
    Would definitely catch some fish by the end of the day.
    So Fred, Len, Frank and Sid, sat on
    And quietly mused till the light was gone,
    Then trudged off to the pub, cos their throats had dried.
    But they’ll be fishing again with the next high tide!

    © Ernestine Northover

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