Crystal Shower Falls, Dorrigo National Park.

Crystal Shower Falls can be reached via the Wonga Walk in Dorrigo National Park.
Image Credit: Matt Donovan
For the unique experience of walking behind a waterfall, head to the stunning Crystal Shower Falls in NSW.
This week’s reader photo was taken by Matt Donovan from Gillen in the Northern Territory. “I’d visited quite a number of waterfalls during my time as a landscape photographer, but nothing really compares to the beauty of Crystal Shower Falls,” said Matt.
“It’s one of those rare waterfalls you can actually stand behind! I made my way off the main tourist track and down to the small cascades beneath the main fall, carefully jumping from rock to rock.
With my tripod precariously wedged between a few moss-covered rocks, I placed my CPL filter (helps cut out reflections in wet foliage) over the lens and captured the image you see here.”
Source: AG Reader Photo: Crystal Shower Falls, NSW – Australian Geographic

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