When a Radio in every Room was a Dream, 1939.

In 1939 Radio-Craft magazine wrote a series of articles promising that they would build a home of the future in Teaneck, New Jersey.
What fantastical, futuristic technology would they show off? Robot servants, newspapers printed by radiowaves, and glowing walls?
Sadly, no. The tech of tomorrow in this house was old-fashioned radio β€” but with a sexy new spin:
It would be in every room!
The magazine claimed that it was going to build a single-family home in Teaneck for $7,500 (about $128,000 adjusted for inflation).
They actually billed it as an “Average American Home,” but one that would be wired in every single room by a central radio control.
The magazine worked with companies like RCA to equip the house, hoping to show Depression-wary Americans that the house of the future could be both affordable and include exciting new applications for one of their favorite past times: listening to the radio.

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