Cyclone Tracy, Darwin – Christmas Eve 1974.

Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin on Christmas Eve in 1974, causing mass destruction.
Photographs by Jonny Weeks for the Guardian
Top Enders live with extreme weather in a way few southern Australians can comprehend.
It’s interminably hot and the rains seem to turn on and off like a tap: when it’s not bone dry, you have to contend with raging floods.
But even the hardy locals of Darwin couldn’t prepare for the fury of Cyclone Tracy, the storm that came tearing down from the Arafura Sea on Christmas Eve 1974, taking 66 lives.

A permanent exhibition at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory includes before and after photos that capture the devastation wreaked on the flattened town.
Don’t miss the terrifying cyclone room where, in pitch black, you can experience for yourself the screaming, screeching sounds of the wind and the groaning of buildings and trees: on the day maximum gusts of 217 km/h were recorded before equipment failed.
The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory is at 19 Conacher Street, The Gardens, Darwin, (08) 8999 8264.
Free admission
Source: Yirrkala to Cyclone Tracy: the territory’s heritage | Travel | The Guardian

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