Painted Feathers by Brenda Lyons.


Connecticut-based artist, illustrator, and jewelry maker Brenda Lyons crafts gorgeous portraits of creatures on an unconventional surface.
Moulted turkey feathers provide the unusual canvas for her ongoing series entitled Painted Feathers.
We see different types of birds, coyotes, and fantastical beings grace these delicate earth-toned surfaces.
Lyons depicts her subjects realistically using acrylic paint, and it’s incredible how much fine detail is in each piece.
The artist states that she’s always loved the worlds of fantasy and dreams, and as a child spent hours looking at the paintings of famous ornithologist and painter, John James Audubon.
This, and a long-held interest in birds of prey continues to influence her work today.
If you’re a fan of Lyon’s style, you can purchase bird-related jewelry, prints, and leather goods from her Etsy shop.
Inquires about her original paintings on feathers can be made by contacting her directly.
Falcon moon Studio (Brenda Lyons)
via [TwistedSifter]


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