The Wild Axolotl is under Threat

(Stephen Dalton/Minden Pictures/Corbis)
If you wanted to see a wild axolotl, you may be out of luck.
The happy-faced amphibian has long been in a tough spot, because its only native habitat is the muddy network of lakes and canals around Mexico City, which has been threatened by pollution, urban sprawl and competition from invasive species.
The animals’ numbers had been declining for years, and in January, Mexican researchers told the Guardian newspaper that after four months of searching, they could find no axolotls in the wild.
The searches will be repeated before the species is declared extinct in the wild—but from now on, you may not be able to smile back at an axolotl unless you find it in a fish tank or aquarium.
via Ten Cool Science Stories You May Have Missed in 2014 | Science | Smithsonian.

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