Meg Smart.

This is Meg Smart, who was a bit of a Legend at the Old Guv.
Meg had a few nicknames at the Printer, all to do with having the ability to promote outrageous stories about her co-workers (generally true).
But today she is a intelligent charming, womanly human being with a bubbly nature.
Who did she marry you may ask?
He was a thin, balding young compositor lad callled Trevor Smart (nicknamed Agent 99).
Trevor was a good bloke until he fell under the spell of Alex Riley who become his mentor. It was all downhill after that.
Nowadays, both he and his beloved Meg corral the shopping trolleys at the local Coles supermarket.
Meg Smart of course is the Boss.
Photo by Mark Noble

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  1. Been called a lot of things..Never womanly… Thanks for that Rod, greatly appreciated.I will take that.


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