The Electrical Vibro Shave and massager,1926.

o6w0icjgi7cy66fywxw6The March 1926 issue of Science and Invention magazine included the photo above and the illustration below, showing off just how the new Vibro-Shave worked.
Under the headline, “New Devices at the Electrical Show,” the magazine touted the benefits of electric shaving.
With the twist of the bottom knob, the device would start vibrating and the razor blade inside would move from side to side.
It was so easy, even a heavily bearded child could do it. And it wasn’t just for shaving.
The removable head allowed for a massage attachment which was promoted for use on both the scalp and the face.
“It does not rub in wrinkles,” the booklet that came with the gadget proclaimed, “but, by the gentle tapping with the vacuum tip, coaxes them out.”
via This Was An Electric Razor (And Face Massager!) in 1926.

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