Gudday! from Broome by Jude Marks.

Gudday Rod,
Sorry I couldn’t make the Luncheon on Friday, but I was having a ball up in Broome in the north of Western Australia.
You know the sort of things that amuse me, that’s booze and camels.
Yes, Camels I love them. They remind me of me, obstinate, grumpy with big feet.
Here’s a wonderful collage of my adventures in the far north.

Cable Beach is a 22 km (14 mi) stretch of white sand beach on the eastern Indian Ocean and the name of the surrounding suburb in Broome, Western Australia.
Cable Beach was named after the telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in 1889.
Low cliffs of red ochre rise behind the very flat and wide beach, with waves that are mostly gentle in the dry season from May to October.

Photo: The Camel I rode after he had shown me the sights of Cable Beach.
Jude Marks

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