3D Spider Dress by Anouk Wipprecht.

Spider-Dress-202092by Shawn Saleme.
3D printing is being explored in many different ways, and Dutch artist Anouk Wipprecht isn’t afraid to use the technology to push the limits of fashion.
Her latest creation is the “spider” dress, which is outfitted with six customized legs that spring out when it senses motion nearby.
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The structure itself was modeled using one of Intel’s Edison modules and is equipped with motion and respiratory sensors that link back the main processor.
If a person approaches the dress too fast, the arms spring up in a defense motion. But if a person approaches slow and smooth, the sensors will make suggestive movements to draw the prey… ahem, person closer.
Keep up to date with Anouk’s latest work on her site.
via Creepy Couture: A 3D Printed “Spider” Dress That Senses and Reacts to Motion.

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