Old Guv Nicknames.

2940869-popeyeHere are just a few that come to mind:

“The Toff, Planner 9 or Cruel Man” – Alex Riley (snob and Jaguar Owner).
“Sputnik” – Edgar Andrews (would only see him once every hour).
“Ankles” – Ron Fletcher (Boss who was three feet lower than a ####).
“The Flash” – Don Woolman (Grubby Hartshorne claims Woolly was the best Government Printer).
“The Bull” – Les Hawes (Grubby Hartshorne claims the Bull was the best Government Printer).
“Jumbo” – Brian James (GP but much better footballer).
“Grubby” – Brian Hartshorne (professional groveller but a lovely man).
“Handbag” – Malcolm Jones (Boss, who needed to be carried).
“Mirrors” – George Sparnon (Boss who was always looking into things).
“The Thief of Baghdad” – Tony Williams (had quick fingers and a slow brain).
“The Thief of Baghdad’s Dad” – Peter Williams (Tony’s Dad, but a very nice man).
“Concord” – Harry van Straalen (Boss who had a very long nose, of course).
“The Garden Gnome” – Rob Davies (small man, would look nice in the front Garden).
“Mushroom” – Don Conigrave (Boss who popped up everywhere).
“Wingnut” – Paul Raby (Ten pound Pom and nice man with big Ears).
“Dr. Cack” – Keith Stevenson, Government Printer (‘orrible man evidently from the old days).
“The Bishop” – Colin Haines (Priestlike and a Saintly fellow. A Perfect description).
“Yank” – Graham Hall (shocking bullshit artist who actually was a Yank).
“Crayfish” – Eric Miles (all arms and legs and a head full of shit).
“Turkey or The Gobbler”- Geoff Murray, Haircut like a chook.
“Fred Lipps” – Lew Morrison (Lew’s Secret Code Name and alter ego).
“Rags” – John Elsdon (as a shit boy bought sanitary napkins instead of headache pills).
“Abo” – Warren Pietsch, threw darts at the dart board as if they were spears.
“Stolen Biro” – Nick Penn (clever one, eh!)
Using the nicknames below could get you punched in the Nose:
“Popeye” – Frank Nelson.
“The Clown” – Cyril Barson.
“The Ape” – Charlie Ludlow.
“Dogs Breath, 1,2 and 3” – take your pick.
And there were heaps of others. Want to help grow the list. Contact me by Email.
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