John ‘Whiskey’ Walker.

The late John ‘Whiskey’ Walker, a hot metal compositor started at the Old Guv in the 1960s.
Canteen lady Kath Wing had a soft spot for John but called him ‘The Cheapskate’.
Every morning John would order a single cut plain bread roll from Kath.
To save money he would take it back to his work frame, make sure no-one was looking and then apply a scraping of Stork margarine and vegemite to the roll and then gobble it down greedily.
Bernie LeFay (an Ancient cheapskate) would regularly bring stale, out of date Choccies to work as gifts for the frugal Whiskey who would throw them in the bin as the ancient Bernie hobbled off.
Once Whiskey, with “friend” John Buckby chased Dennis Bradley, all over the Old Guv trying to get the dough back they had lent Brads before he was to head off to Melbourne. He never paid them.
John loved betting on the ponies along with Harry Kinder, Jack Findlay and Jack Wells.
But he hated trying to listen to a race on the electric wireless under the stairs opposite the Intertype Room.
This was because three young lads, Abo, Meggsie and Danny would stamp up and down on the stairs making it impossible to hear the race.
John’s finest moment was to come at Netley in the mid 1970s when he set up The Walker Cup for Lunch Time Cricket.
It was a highly successful competition providing lots of fun for all those who took part.
One of the highlights was when Reg Handke who won a trophy gave a long, boring acceptance speech and was promptly told to fuck off by the onlookers.
John left the Old Guv in the late 1970s to work at Allen Press, a commercial Printer located at Keswick.
John ‘Whiskey’ Walker, Compositor, Punter, Money Lender and Cheapskate was a gentleman and will always be remembered.

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