Niels Bohr, Science Geek & Smart Ass.

Niels Bohr was one of the finest scientific minds the world has ever known, even from a young age he showed his aptitude for science by routinely correcting any wrong information he’d find in his textbooks.
But he was also a world-class smart-ass, as we’re about to explain.
When questioned about what he’d do if his teachers or peers ever quizzed him on the wrong information he’d found in the textbooks, Bohr rather awesomely responded that he’d just school them on how things (meaning the universe and possibly his balls) really worked.
However, an even cooler story is the the time he reportedly trolled his university on his final paper for no other reason than screw you, I’m Niels Bohr.
However, like all the best stories, we’re not sure if it’s true, but we’ll tell the story first and let you decide for yourself.
The story goes that while studying in university, Bohr was asked a reasonably simple question, “How would you measure the height of a building using only a barometer?”.
Bohr reportedly answered with something along the lines of “I’d knock on the door and ask how tall the building was in return for a shiny new barometer” how outstretched Bohr’s middle finger was during this answer, along with the exact wording varies from source to source but what happened next is fairly well established.
Bohr received a flat zero for his answer, which he contested on the grounds that he was technically correct (the best kind of correct), his university, in light of his previous flawless record of punching physics in the dick gave him a chance to improve his grade in a verbal exam asking the same question.
The story then goes that during the course of the verbal exam Bohr gave several correct answers for how one would use a barometer to measure the height of a building, stunning the collection of professors present.
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