A Queer Black Fantasia by Athi-Para Ruga.

Night of the Long Knives I, 2013 … ‘

The title is a play on that unfounded settler panic, because we’re not killing each other. We are steamrolling ahead towards progress.’
Image Credit: Photograph by Athi-Patra Ruga
This image is part of my Future White Women of Azania series. Azania is the utopia I’ve created.
Populated by a pantheon of recurring characters, it is the story of black queer women in South Africa.
On the right, you have the Flower of Azania, wearing a costume made from 250 sunhats.
The two figures to the left, holding sceptres, are the faceless abo dade (sisters). They have the ability to make babies, not by having sex with men, but by just thinking about it.
The rider is the Future White Woman of Azania, a character born in 2008 who I have performed many times. Here, though, we needed someone jockey-light to mount the zebra and in 2014 when I made his image, I was quite a big boy, so we went with someone else.

I come from a fashion background. Growing up, I used to buy a lot of magazines that I’d tear up, then stick the images on the wall. I always create everything from scratch – there is no digital post-production in my work.
I decorated the zebra a bit like a holy cow in India, or a Spanish horse, or a dressage champion, giving it sabre teeth
Source: Athi-Patra Ruga’s best photograph: a queer black fantasia with added zebras | Art and design | The Guardian

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