Sunset at Poole Harbour.

A family collects shellfish as the sun sets on one of the hottest days on record, Poole Harbour, England.
British photographer Andrew Newey reveals parts of the world that go unknown to many of us.
Traveling to remote locales of Nepal, Mongolia, and Indonesia, he captures compelling documentary style photography of cultures that exist outside of our technology-obsessed sphere.
Newey ingratiates himself with his subjects and will spend weeks living with them, documenting their traditional practices along the way. The results are thoughtful photographs that provide us a momentary glimpse into lifestyles that vastly differ from our own.
One of Newey’s most memorable series took him to central Nepal where he stayed for two weeks with the Gurung tribespeople as they hunted honey.
His incredible images showcase the precarious nature of this practice, which has the hunters perched on rope ladders 200 feet in the air using tangos (long sticks) to collect honeycombs from the Himalayan cliffside.
Read on via Source: Interview: Andrew Newey Reflects on Documentary Style Photography

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